Dec 7, 2022
Kitchen Remodel

How To Create A Full Kitchen Remodel Timeline

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omeowners are spending more time and money on home improvement projects. While others do this to increase their property’s resale value, some primarily aim to make their living spaces more comfortable.

According to Statista, the global home improvement market amounted to USD$763 billion in 2020. With a compound annual growth rate above 4%, it’s expected to exceed 1 trillion by 2027.

One of the areas property owners mainly focus on is kitchen remodeling. Therefore, if you’re looking to fix up your kitchen space, you’ll require a timeline to understand better what to expect in different phases.

That said, here are guidelines for creating a full kitchen remodel timeline:

1. Identify your kitchen remodel needs

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Your needs determine the size of your project and your timeline. For instance, you may want to add features like a larger cooking space, more storage units, or a dining area. Also, you might wish to fix persistent problems like replacing too old and ineffective appliances. Therefore, it’s best to develop a thorough list of things that must happen to the end, and rank them based on their importance. All these add to your timeline.

Note that some remodeling aspects could come with significant structural changes such as rewiring, relighting, replacing every fixture or appliance, and moving gas lines. Therefore, you’ll have to dedicate more time to your project.

On the other hand, a basic refresh typically takes less time. In that case, you should identify what kitchen features you’d like to remodel and what remains. To achieve greater visualization of all project tasks, you’d want to use a kitchen remodel timeline template. It allows you to track each activity in every phase and better manage your contractors and suppliers.

2. Create a budget

It’s vital to establish a budget to ascertain how much kitchen remodeling costs. According to Forbes, a solid kitchen upgrade may cost about USD$25,000 or USD$150 per square foot. While a kitchen remodel cost ultimately depends on your financial situation and the extent of your project, the industry-standard cost is 10% of a home’s appraised value. Therefore, if your home is worth USD$400,000, you’re likely to spend around USD$40,000.

Budgeting affects the timeline of your kitchen remodel as it determines the team you hire and the scope of the project. For instance, by employing subcontractors, you can divide the various project tasks among each contractor and finish early. In contrast, you can cut costs by remodeling it yourself, but the work will require a longer timeline as you’ll tackle all the activities.

Therefore, you’d want to allocate the estimated costs for each task on your timeline. Even so, note that unexpected expenses are common. For that reason, depending on the complexity of your project, it’s best to add some extra time and money to cater to any issues that may arise.

3. Talk to a kitchen contractor

Although you may plan your kitchen remodel yourself, specific technical aspects may require the input of a professional kitchen designer or contractor. For instance, a remodeling expert can help you determine the following:

  • The kitchen remodeling items that may add the most time to your project. For example, any special features that must be manufactured when ordered. This may include custom cabinets, specialty tiling, custom countertops, or mid-project design changes. Such aspects add time to your project.
  • The lead times for your materials
  • The exact costs of different materials and labor
  • The tasks that are dependent on others and how to link them
  • How weather changes may affect different phases of a project and how long it might take
  • Estimations on the length of each project task or milestone. This enables you to allocate a start and finish date.

The above enables you to develop a detailed task list and efficiently spread all activities over your project timeline.

4. Allocate and execute

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Finally, you should give each task a start and finish date. Also, because you have realistic predictions on the length of work, you should assign work and deadlines to contractors. Additionally, ensure you outline your budget for every milestone in your timeline so that the contractors can work within your limit. Most importantly, remember that the dates in your construction schedule are subject to change. Therefore, the kitchen remodel time lapse should accommodate fluctuations.


Planning your kitchen remodel is a critical step to ensuring a smooth-running project. It ensures you get started on your project immediately and avoid delays. Therefore, if you want a kitchen refresh, above is a guide on creating a kitchen remodel construction schedule. Finally, seek professional help to get a clear point of view.