Mar 23, 2022
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6 Powerful Feng Shui Tips You Should Try In 2022

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ooking for a more positive life outlook? According to Chinese astrology, one good way to get there is by "Feng Shui-ing" your home. It's all about the arrangement of things in your home to bring you happiness, luck, prosperity, and peace.

Is there anything in that room (or area) that needs your attention? What do you like about the space? What concerns do you have about the room? Would you characterize that area as “stressed”? Do all objects support your purpose and intention, or could they be improved from a Feng Shui perspective? Applying Feng Shui “風水” is a surprisingly simple process. It’s just a matter of looking around your home or office and noticing what you see. Start by examining the area of your space that represents the aspect of your life that is most important to you right now.

1. Chi 氣 - Let the Energy In!

A white bedroom space with bagua.

Chi energy is the life force that animates, energizes, and motivates all living things. An adequate translation of it as "energy" or "life force" does not do it justice, but generally, this is what it means. The key to understanding chi is to know that it is not a complicated or elusive concept but the simple belief that chi energy flows through all things and drives the universe. Knowing how chi energy flows through your home will help you understand ways to enhance prosperity, improve the quality of your sleep, and reduce stress levels.

Incorporating chi in Feng Shui into your decorations can help to enhance the comfort and harmony in your home. While positive chi is vital to any Feng Shui application, a balanced Feng Shui requires equal amounts of positive chi and negative chi. Consider yin yang energy when balancing the chi flow in your space.

Positive Chi:

1. Make your home as clutter-free as possible.

2. Your front door will usher in chi energy; decorating with red, a bright color, will attract good fortune.

3. The balanced and unrestricted flow of chi energy can change a space. Try adding a flowing water feature to discourage stagnation in your home.

4. Decorate with light colors, decors, and furniture that might add to the aesthetics and drive auspicious Feng Shui energy

Negative Chi:

1. Sharp design decors and features can bring poison arrows into your home or workspace. You might not see it, but the effects are profound. Avoid these things to keep your chi flowing freely and your family healthy.

2. Clutter is a bad chi that gets trapped by various natural or manmade. Things like clutter can hold in that stagnating energy and make it worse. Removing clutter will help lift the burden of Sha Chi, making way for better qi.

2. Feng Shui Main Entrance Tips -- Way to Attract More Blessings!

An open white front door.

Is the entrance to your home cluttered with shoes, umbrellas, or coat racks? If so, we have a very comprehensive guide on creating a calm and organized entryway. You'll never go wrong when you start with good Feng Shui! The Chinese year of the Water Tiger will dominate in 2022. Your home decoration should embrace the water element, so consider adding artwork of beaches, rivers, and seascapes to your home. Hardwoods like maple and cherry also honor this element, so don't be afraid to bring them into your home with molding, cabinets, or flooring - particularly on the west side of your home.

a. Warm Welcoming: Good Feng Shui in your entryway will help you enjoy a more peaceful and harmonious life. You can achieve this by creating a welcoming and well-planned space with objects that bring positive energy to the people who enter it. Try placing plants, wind chimes, or healthy green plants to enhance the ambiance of your home.

b. Do not place a mirror in the front door: It is considered bad luck to place a mirror in front of a door. Mirrors reflect away negative energy, but they also reflect the image of anyone who enters your home, taking that person's energy away. Feng Shui mirrors in your home should always be placed perpendicular to the front door and never directly across from it.

3. Feng Shui Bedroom Tips -- Clear Clutter and Negative Elements

A clean bedroom space with mattress.

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a home, as it is where we recharge and clear our minds. There are some ground principles to follow when creating a Feng Shui bedroom.

a. Neutral Aesthetics - Your bedroom should be a Zen escape from the hectic world -- a place where you can find peace and melt into your plush bed at night. Promote pleasant, deep sleep by painting your bedroom walls in light neutral tones, accessorizing with serene décor, and dimming your lights.

b. Position your bed the right lucky way - Place your bed in a commanding position to see the door from your bed easily. The ideal position is to have your headboard against a solid wall and not a window and to be able to see the door from your feet. Don't have the bed directly facing the door or have it with its back against the door.

c. Get right with your Nightstands - Having a nightstand is a matter of personal choice. However, if you do have one, it should be a nightstand pair. According to Feng Shui, a pair of objects placed where you can see them will promote loving, harmonious energy, for example, nightstands set on both sides of the bed.

4. Feng Shui Living Room -- More on the Creatives

A tea table with some purple flower decor.

Your living room is an area for gathering and entertaining; therefore, so you want it to have a comfortable interior decorating theme. A good Feng Shui living room helps us balance our homes and create a welcoming atmosphere: positioning your furniture to allow the energy to flow freely in and around your space. Since we are in a creative year, let us practice and enhance our vision.

💡 Here are some tips and guidelines for you to follow as you choose furniture and accessories for your home's living space:

a. Keep it Organized: The living room is where you start your day with a cup of coffee and end with a favorite movie. It's where we celebrate holidays and birthdays, relax in the afternoon and play with our kids. This space represents possibilities for Feng Shui's living room décor. You should maintain your area organized to facilitate fresh opportunities and energy flow.

b. Maintain the Freshness: You may boost the life force of your living room decorating by adding fresh flowers. Try adding flower-based art, texture, patterns, wallpapers, vases, or any other decorative item that uses a flower pattern. Fresh flowers may not be available, but you can have other containers filled with colorful silk flowers or plants.

c. Do Proportioning: Make sure that good Feng Shui living room furniture is proportional to the available area. Don't put anything in the doorway path, and don't lean the main sofa against the wall. Place a lamp at the corner of the hall, diagonally opposite the living room door, to activate the wealth energy.

5. Feng Shui Kitchen and Dining Room Tips -- Continuous Stage Flow

A clean and sleek white kitchen space.

A good Feng Shui considers the kitchen to be one of the most important rooms in the house. It represents the balance between sustenance and connections.

a. Harmony: In Feng Shui, it's important not to place the kitchen stove and sink side by side to ensure that excellent nutrition and a harmonious relationship are plentiful in the home. This causes a collision between fire and water, resulting in quarrels between couples.

b. Avoid leaving open spaces above your cabinets: To make sure you have the most positive energy in your kitchen, avoid leaving open spaces above your kitchen cabinets. Feng Shui says negative energy can collect there, so you can either extend your cabinets or fill the room with plants or other items to encourage positive energy.

c. Buffer Balance: The sideboard complements the dining room—it provides deep storage drawers and kitchen cabinets that store table linens, candlesticks, and glasses. Use it to display a favorite collection or as a makeshift bar. Position sideboards across from each other as a buffer between the dining room and an entryway or hallway, creating a calm, balanced, and separate space visually.

d. Make it Airy: Give your kitchen a touch of charm with the right kind of Feng Shui lighting. We all know food tastes better when prepared in a well-designed kitchen, so bring some Feng Shui into your kitchen with our dreamy good Feng Shui dining room décor. By choosing the most suitable lighting fixtures and keeping the principles of Feng Shui in mind, you will be able to create a remarkable space.

e. Metallic Touch: In Feng Shui, metal is considered a powerful tool for fending negative energy. The best way to balance the energy in your kitchen is to bring in metal. Metallic colors like stainless steel, silver tones, and brass are excellent choices in kitchens. You can add these colors to your kitchen by adding metal cabinet handles.

f. Reflection: Mirrors reflect good Feng Shui dining energy into the room and enhance the space. This ornate mirror covers the majority of the wall and is a beautiful way to increase the power of your Feng Shui dining room design. With its delicate flourishes and aged charm, this one-of-a-kind treasure will dress up your dining area in large doses of Feng Shui fun! Place a mirror in the dining room, and good vibes will be reflected into the room to help bring health and harmony.

6. Feng Shui Bathroom Tips -- Retreat and Serenity

A modern bathroom with a free-standing bathtub.

If the en-suite bathroom focuses on your home's Feng Shui, you must keep it clean and organized! The bathroom door should remain closed whenever possible, and the toilet lid should be down to retain good luck and prosperity. Keeping a houseplant in your bathroom is a good idea as one of Feng Shui's lucky charms. Plants absorb stagnant energy. Experts in decorative Feng Shui suggest the Chinese money plant to enhance a home's interior design, which is said to attract wealth and good luck to a family. This beautiful indoor plant has circular leaves resembling coins and promotes wealth, abundance, and fortune.

Start simple. Focus on the area that is most important to you right now, and take it one step at a time as you see results, your energy level increases, and you are inspired to tackle more areas for much better Feng Shui results! Deal with what works best for your lovely home with these five powerful Feng Shui tips this 2022 by collaborating with home remodelers near you! Give Shepel Homes Design & Build a call, and we will help you with whatever Feng Shui home improvements you need!