Oct 3, 2022
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5 Qualities Of The Best Bathroom Remodeling Companies

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id you know that home renovation activity is rising in the United States (US)? According to a survy  by Houzz, around 55% of property owners plan to renovate their homes in 2022. Their spending limit has increased from USD$10000 (three years ago) to USD$15000. The bathrooms are probably one of the areas that’ll get the most attention.

This statistic is good news for the economy as the home improvement industry will be worth over USD$500 billion over the next few years (2028). It also means that there’ll be an influx of new businesses, including bathroom remodeling services, which can make it challenging to find a reliable one. Yet don’t fret! This article will narrow down your choices so that you can select a reputable renovating company for your project needs.

Here are five qualities of the best bathroom remodeling companies to get started.

1. Stellar reputation

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Business reputation is essential, regardless of the industry. It’s a good indicator of a company’s service quality and whether it can meet customer expectations. In other words, a business with a stellar reputation is likely to provide excellent service.

The best way to check a business’ credibility is by reading online reviews. In a report, around 72% of consumers use Google reviews when looking for a local business. Aside from that, they also consider rating, number of reviews, and recency. About 57% of American citizens find online reviews to be somewhat helpful.

When reading online reviews, pay attention to their genuineness. Make sure the feedback is from real people with first-hand experience working with a remodeling company. This is because some companies may offer fake reviews to boost their ratings, so it’s best to be careful.

There are a few ways to spot fake reviews. They include:

  • The language is too promotional.
  • The reviews are from unverified customers.
  • Unnatural patterns of positive feedback
  • Feedback is too long or short.
  • Use of repetitive words or phrases
  • Only talks about the good aspects of the company

These are some factors to look out for when evaluating a bathroom remodeling service’s reputation. If they have mostly positive feedback but a few negative ones, that’s not necessarily a bad sign. It shows that the company is willing to take responsibility for its mistakes and improve its service. The key is to balance the positive and negative reviews objectively.

2. Extensive experience in the remodeling industry

The home improvement industry is ever-changing, and working with a remodeling company with extensive experience is vital. After all, an experienced company is likely to be up-to-date with the latest trends, materials, and technologies. It’ll also know how to properly execute a project from start to finish, minimizing the risks of errors.

When assessing a company’s experience, take note of the following:

  • The number of years it has been in business
  • The number of projects it has completed
  • The types of projects it typically undertakes

It’s also worth mentioning that the company’s experience doesn’t necessarily mean years in the business itself. The individual experience of the contractors, designers, and other team members is just as important. The organization could be new, but its team could have decades of experience in the bathroom remodeling industry. This combination is ideal as it results in a business that’s innovative and well-versed.

3. Prompt and responsive customer support

Customer Services Best Excellent Business Rating Experience.

Reliable bathroom remodeling companies have superior customer service. They should be easy to reach and quick to answer all your inquiries. The company’s representatives must be polite and professional when dealing with prospects.

You can evaluate a business’ customer service in several ways, such as:

  • Calling its hotline and gauging the response time
  • Sending email and seeing how long it takes to get a reply
  • Inquiring about its services through its website’s chat function

A good remodeling company should be able to respond to your queries within 24 hours, if not sooner. It understands that time is of the essence when it comes to bathroom update projects. Any delays could result in additional costs, so it’ll do its best to accommodate your needs.

4. Reasonable pricing

It’s no secret that renovating projects can be expensive. The bathroom remodeling cost will depend on various factors, such as the room size, work scope, and materials used. With that said, a reputable company will be upfront about its pricing. It’ll provide you with a detailed quote that includes:

  • Labor cost
  • Materials cost
  • Estimated time of completion
  • Other associated expenses like permits and inspections

A trustworthy remodeling company will offer different payment options to make the project more affordable. The company understands that not everyone has the budget to pay for the entire project upfront. So, it’s willing to work out a payment term that suits your needs. More importantly, it won’t overcharge you for services.

5. Comprehensive warranty

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Bathroom remodeling companies that stand behind their work are more likely to offer a comprehensive product and service warranty. This shows that they’re confident in the quality of their craftsmanship. It also signifies that they’re willing to take responsibility for any errors or defects in their work. Typically, the warranty period for most bathroom renovations is one year, but it can vary, depending on the contractor.

It’s also essential to note that a warranty is often void if you make changes to the project without the remodeling company’s approval. So, consult your contractor first if you’re planning to do some do-it-yourself (DIY) work.


These are just a few qualities of a bathroom remodeling company. Keep these in mind when you’re ready to start your bathroom project. All it takes is to search for bathroom remodeling companies near me and use the tips above to identify the potential candidate.