Jun 23, 2022
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4 Dos And Don'ts For A Successful Bathroom Remodel

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bathroom remodeling project can be an overwhelming and costly undertaking. Even if your bathroom’s not as big as the other rooms in the house, it may still require you a significant amount of time, money, and energy to complete and ensure it’s done successfully. A successful bathroom remodel project can bring many years of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Meanwhile, a bad bathroom remodel may mean frequent and costly repairs and replacements subsequently.

Fortunately, knowing the dos and don’ts of bathroom remodeling can help you avoid the stress, potential mistakes, and unexpected problems you may encounter during the project. So, for anyone planning on tackling a bathroom remodeling project in the near future, here are the four dos and don’ts you’ll need to remember to avoid major remodeling hiccups.


1. Do set a budget.

Budget plan

Before you begin any remodeling project, setting a clear budget should be among your top priorities. Remember that a bathroom remodeling project is costly as not only will you be dealing with decorations, but you’ll also invest in new plumbing, ventilation, and lighting. Having a clear budget will keep you on track with your expenses and ensure you don’t go overboard, which might result in debt.

If you’re pondering on how much it costs to remodel a small bathroom, you may consult professional bathroom remodel contractors and designers. They can provide more accurate estimates of the materials and tools needed for the project. If you’re aiming for a low budget small bathroom remodel, they can also make some necessary changes or adjustments to your budget to ensure it suits your finances.

Additionally, set aside an extra budget for any hidden costs or unexpected expenses during the remodeling process. Overall, a good financial budget can help you develop realistic remodeling plans that will meet your standards in the end.

2. Do have a design plan.

hands framing custom master bathroom photo section with drawing behind

Along with your budget, it’s also ideal to have a bathroom design plan that will guide you during the entire remodeling process. The design plan will show how much space you’ll be working on and how it’ll be used. For example, if you wish to make space for an extra bathtub, the design plan will show how the new bathtub will be incorporated into your bathroom floor space.

Make sure you have a design plan for every aspect of your bathroom to ensure you don’t miss out on anything. Include the shower tiles, walls, sink, and bathroom drawers in the floor plan. Your bathroom design plan will be your reference when evaluating the progress of the project.

3. Do choose the appropriate materials.

Choice of Tiles. Female Hands Hold Samples of Tiles of Different Colors. Woman in Store Chooses Bathroom Tiles.

As you look for master bathroom remodel ideas, remember that the project isn’t only for aesthetic purposes. Your bathroom is among the most utilized rooms in the house, so you’ll need to pick appropriate materials that are durable and functional.

For bathroom tiles, walls, or sinks, you may consider using glazed porcelain tiles as they’re best suited for wet environments and are known to be stain-proof. They may be costlier than other materials and may require a costlier installation process, but the results and benefits will be worth it. For shower dividers, consider using a sheet of tempered glass rather than vinyl shower curtains. The tempered glass is more durable and aesthetically appealing, whereas shower curtains are more prone to mold growth.

4. Do provide adequate lighting and ventilation.

Removing Bathroom Fan Vent Cover to Clean inside.

Your bathroom is among the most prone to mold growth. Thus, ensure you provide proper ventilation by installing an efficient bathroom fan. You can consult the contractor to help you choose the best bathroom fan suited for the size of your bathroom space. Along with ventilation, you must also pay attention to your bathroom lighting. Seek advice from lighting experts as they know how many lights and which type of lighting fixtures will work best for your bathroom.


1. Don’t keep changing your mind.


Many homeowners are tempted to change their minds or second-guess their decisions once the remodeling process has started. Unfortunately, constantly changing your choices on your materials, design plan, and other aspects can only delay the project timeline and cost you more money. Once you’ve bought the remodeling materials and finalized the design plan, stick to it until the project is completed.

2. Don’t rush the timeline.


Even if you have a small bathroom, it’ll still take time before the remodeling project is finished. Rushing with the timeline or pressuring your contractors to finish within a tight timeline may compromise the quality of your bathroom. Generally, the project’s duration will depend on the size and scope of your design plan. For instance, if you don’t require any changes to your sink, shower, and toilet, the contractor or plumbers won’t have to deal with the plumbing aspects, saving more time and effort on the project.

3. Don’t try to DIY or skimp on skilled labor.


Although the do-it-yourself route can cut the project costs, it’ll also put your bathroom at risk for future mistakes and costly problems. If you only have limited knowledge about remodeling or other complicated installations, it’s best to leave the job to the professionals. When searching for a ‘professional bathroom remodel near me,’ hire insured designers, contractors, and plumbers who can present up-to-date licenses and certifications.

4. Don’t cut corners on your remodeling materials.

Ceramic tiles

Don’t settle for the cheapest materials you can find on the market. While they may be ideal for your budget, their quality, functionality, and durability may not meet the standards. Otherwise, you might be left with chipped tiles or cracked pipes a couple of weeks or months after the project.

Wrapping Up

The bathroom is among the most important rooms, so make time and effort to plan its remodeling efficiently. When your bathroom remodeling project is completed successfully with minor or no issues, you and the entire household can enjoy a comfortable, safe, and functional bathroom for many years to come.


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